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Pop music

GENRE: Country       ARTIST: Dolly Parton       SONG TITLE: Jolene       YEAR: 1973




Focus on

expressions in RED

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
I'm begging of you

please don't take my man

  DOLLY PARTON WITH MILEY CYRUS                       SLOWED DOWN VERSION (33rpm)         

Araceli's  song:


*dreaming of you

*look in my eyes

Margarita's  song:

Vocabulary coming soon.

Patricia's  song:


* imagine...

* nothing to kill or die for

* greed

* hunger

* I'm a dreamer

Francesc' song:


* to be on the line

* 'cause (=because)

* I no longer wanna be

* I'd set you free  (I would set you free)

* your love is unfair

* fairy tales

* I lost my peace of mind.

Laura's  song:

Vocabulary coming soon

Nadege's  song:

* holding

* I need you

* I fail

* from the start

Natividad's  song:


* too late

* break

* half

Susana's song:


* choose

* knew

* saw

* palms rise