English is easy.

English pronunciation is difficult! Do you agree?

Practice with the tips and links below:

- talk with more confidence

- improve your pronunciation


Listen and repeat the letters. 

Practice spelling you name aloud -

first name and last name.

Learn to spell fast :)

Video by: www.havefunteaching.com



Don't know what to talk about?

Check out these 48 prompts from muse.com


A-Z cards

words and sounds

Click on the "apple - cake" picture above. 

Click "Flashcards"

Look at the pictures. Click the bottom right corner to flip the card.

Click the arrow to go to the next picture.

Listen and repeat all words.

CARDS: copyright Englishyoyo

Letter and

letter combination Sounds

link to: All About Learning Press

Click on the picture with the letters above. 

Scroll down.

Click the sounds. Repeat aloud.

Say the sounds again.

CARDS: copyright all about learning press

Listen and sing along. 

Focus on the sound of letters: m-a-n  / ch-a-nge

Live in the US?

Write "water," say "wader"

Or - in a song:

Write "later,"  say "lader"

write "alligator," say "alligator"

English With Jennifer

Videos, exercises, study tips and more

Website: http://englishwithjennifer.com/

Rachel's English

Over 400 pronunciation videos free on YouTube

Website: http://rachelsenglish.com/

ESL Classics

Sing-along video Simple Present Tense

Website: www.eslclassics.com - More videos by grammar point or topic (shopping, job interviews, other)

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Watch the 3 part movie "The Wedding" (below)

Practice "shadow listening"

repeat some words and expressions