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EnglishYOYO makes your learning life a little easier

We provide learning tips, links and techniques.

We offer online English classes for students, and workshops for teachers.


created EnglishYOYO

Headshot Elke_Dec_2021_orange_edited.jpg

* loves languages, pop culture, and music

* teaches ESOL and literacy at The New York Public Library and 1199 SEIU Funds

* is a Professional Development Associate at the Literacy Assistance Center in New York

* presents workshops at TESOL conferences and organizations

* creates and edits videos and teaching material

* co-leads's Video PLN and NYSTESOL's Adult Education SIG

* teaches online classes

Immersion is the best way to learn a language, diving right in. Moving to the country where the language is spoken. But sometimes you can't move to another country. Or you live in a country but still don't learn its language. I think the best way to learn is when you enjoy it. 

I grew up in Germany and started  English in 5th grade. But I learned English by listening to music and  BFBS British forces radio. Back then, it was difficult to find English shows. Luckily that has changed today. There are so many TV shows, movies, podcasts, documentaries, and YouTube videos.

I’ve lived in New York City for 25 years and have worked as an English teacher and program manager for over

10 years. Taking English classes is great, but I noticed students often don't practice a lot at home and don't know where to find good English websites.

I recently started watching Spanish and Swedish TV shows. I speak some Spanish, and only one word of Swedish: tak. Confession time: I watched A LOT of episodes. I started with a Mexican telenovela (La Fuerza del Destino) and moved on to"La Casa de Papel/Money Heist." First with English subtitles, then with Spanish. Something happened to my brain. I wanted to speak Spanish. I also tried speaking Swedish after watching "Bron/The Bridge." My Swedish has not improved. But my Spanish did because I added other things: I googled Spanish music with lyrics and started listening and singing along. I wrote my journal every morning in Spanish. I asked Spanish friends to speak Spanish with me. I started thinking in Spanish and realized: ¡Ay Caramba! This is a fun way to learn English - the YOYO way.”

Download the "I am" poem template to use in class. LINK

I am Elke. About me...

I am curious and caring

           (2 special characteristics)

I wonder about life on Mars

                    (something of curiosity)

I like science fiction and cats

           (two things you like)

I hear the wind blowing

             (a real or imaginary sound)

I want more time

            (an actual desire)

I am curious and caring

          (repeat first line)

Write about yourself...

I am _________________

           (2 special characteristics)

I wonder ________________

                    (something of curiosity)

I like ______________

           (two things you like)

I hear __________________

             (a real or imaginary sound)

I want ___________

             (an actual desire)

I am ___________

          (repeat first line)

Write about somebody else...

He is _________________

            (2 special characteristics)

He wonders ________________

                    (something of curiosity)

He likes ______________

           (two things you like)

He hears __________________

             (a real or imaginary sound)

He wants ___________

             (an actual desire)

He is ___________

           (repeat first line)

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